Who will come forward to save little kids from the hands of indubious tearing-down of life?

The demolished houses after the attack in Tami, Buthidaung last week

Wretched Rohingya Women -Part 3

Arakan Watch Correspondent|Kutupalong Refugee Camp, Bangladesh


Mrs. Gul Zaher (27yrs) is another most persecuted and marginalized Rohingya refugee woman who have recently crossed the border to escape from the brutal atrocities and take shelter in neighbouring Bangladesh. She along with her five children has been passing her days  in utter misery and agony with no shelter in the Kutupalong makeshift since her arrival and facing challanges to meet her necessary requirement for foods, clothings and medicines.

Gul Zaher with her dearest kids took shelter in Kutupalong refugee camp, Bangladesh to escape inhuman torture. Photo Arakan Watch

On 9th July 2017 at around 10:00am, some military and BGP personnels surrounded her Tami village in northern Buthi Dong base on the snitchers’ false information as al_  Yakeens members  are hiding in her house and arbitrarily tortured general Rohingya of the village. They brutally tortured and molested the villagers whomever they found.

As soon as the raid started, the forces shot launcher gun into the house of Gul Zaher and torched to ashes when the whole house with its belongings were demolished to the ground. Two of her closed relatives(guests) from another village  have been shot to dead. One has been seriously wounded. The dead bodies were taken to Buthi Dong by the forces while the injured one has been dragged by the forces to the nearby bushes where he has still been missings.  Thereafter the military arrested her husband named Md Fayas who was taken to the military camp and was killed later.

The next day, the forces went to her village again and searched her everywhere in the village. The atrocities of military forces started again in fanifold raiding the whole village all the day-long in extreme manner. Most of villagers fled away from the village due to security threat.

Gul Zaher was among them who fled from such brutal raiding. She and her 5 little children went into the forest and spent five days there on starvation and sufferings. As it was under way, the villagers who fled left their hearths and homes couldn’t return the village due to the ongoing raid and brutal crackdown. Most of the villagers were suffering from starvation, shelter and shortage of medicines. Finally  Gul Zaher along with her children were compelled to leave the land of their fore-fathers on 17th July 2017 due to unbearable persecution by the brutal forces.

The family of Gul Zaher duly started for Bangladesh and crossed the border facing various kinds of problems and barriers on the way . They reached Kutupalong refugee camp situated in southern Cox’s Bazaar on 17th July 2017 at around 09:30p.m.  But her misery and wretchedness seemed never to end. Reaching refugees camp, she hasn’t been got any shelter yet. Being hopeless and frustrated she were crying under open sky for a shelter to have passed her days somehow with her dearest kids. Hearing her groan and wailing, someone(refugee) came towards them at deep night and asked about. Then she  told the man every details  in tears.Observing their terrible plight, the man sympathized and took them to his house where they were fed with dinner and sheltered for the night.

The next day Mrs Gul Zaher got out in quest of a shelter but any shelter yet to be found. On the other hand, her little children have been suffering from severe diseases and malnutrition following shortcomings of foods and medical facilities. ‘Our days are going on starvation. No one is coming towards us in this very exigent circumstances and destitution’, Gul Zaher said to this reporter yesterday. She has been in proletariat situation right now. She need shelter, food and emergency treatment but no ways to be touched of her needs. Now , the only query frequently been asked by her, ‘Is there any philanthropist who will come forward to help me and save little kids from the hands of indubious tearing-down of life’? She awaits her future which is at the hands of almighty Allah.

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