The groanings of Rohingya in Arakan: A wailing of humanity

Mrs Dil Johar with her children fled her beloved motherland to escape from brutality of Burmese army- photo Arakan Watch

A heart wrenching story of a pessimist Rohingya woman following refusal to tell a lie

Arakan Watch Correspondent|Balukhali Refugee Camp, Bangladesh

Nur Hashim beloved husband of Dil Johar (35) from Pawechoung( Poakhali ) ,northern Maungdaw- Arkan, Burma was killed on the 28th June 2017 by some Rakhine miscreants while he was working in his paddy field and was being left in a cultivation field beside the village. He was killed only because of that he belonged to the ethnic Rohingya community and not eager to leave his ancestral homeland

The victim Nur Hussain went to his regular work in the paddy field in the morning hours of the day of incidence but not returned home as usual. Dil Johar informed the missing news to her neighbours who got out inquest of him. The next day at around 6:30 pm she was informed by the villagers that her husband was killed by the Rakhine Extremists and left the dead body on the spot of killing. The villagers found him with critical wounds all around his body soon after he was brought home. But after informing to the authority , no  investigation was being done by the government officials against the killers. Soon after informing this unfortunate news to the government, the victim woman was blamed by the government saying that she might know better regarding the killing of her husband and she should deny the involvement of Rakhine extremist in this killing.

She was brutally arrested on 1st July and taken to the Maung Daw Thanashoak – the Military  Barack in the name investigation. It is a matter of great sorrow that, during interrogation, she was severely tortured in brutal and inhuman manner following her refusal to tell a lie — ‘admitting that  her husband was being killed by Muslim miscreants not by the Rakhine extremist’. She was under arrest and confined in the Thanashoak (Military  Barack) for 4 days till  forcefully giving witness as her husband was being killed by the Muslims. She was 4 months pregnant which has been miscarriaged following sever and unbearble physical torture.

She had been released from such brutal tortured by paying bribe of  3,00000 of kyats. During release , they also strongly warned her to appear at the Thanashoak (Military Barack) after a week. Otherwise, the result of her fate will be unthinkable and devastated ! Imagining the upcoming catastrophes and worsening situation, the helpless woman was compelled to decide for leaving her ancestral beloved motherland in search of her life security. She was unable to pay any ransom more because of her household things, gold, money, livestock and other valuable  goods were taken away from her. She was totally empty handed and facing critical economic condition. At last, She had to flee to Bangladesh on 12th July, 2017  with her 5 children. After a long course of hindrance, she has arrived in Bangladesh at Balukhali makeshift camp. She has been facing with different kinds of problems especially diet, shelter, medication and clothing since her arival. Her sufferings at the camp knews no bound and there is none to alleviate these unbound sufferings.

There are hundreds of innocent families  like that of Dil Johar who have often been facing such inhuman atrocities and injustice but there persist neither any protection from such brutality of the govt. and its state-patronised violence nor any judicial investigations for justice. The justice and humanity today have been jack-boated in Arakan by the wellingtons of Burmese army. The groanings of Rohingya in Arakan is indeed a wailing of humanity. Would the world still keep mum and  be mere spectators??!!

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