Rohingya Inmate Dies in Kyaukphyu Prison

Maungdaw — A Rohingya inmate died in the Kyaukphyu prison in Arakan State of Myanmar (Burma) on Wednesday (Apr 19).

The inmate suffering from unidentified diseases fell sick and was reportedly taken to the hospital by the jail authorities, where he passed away.

The deceased inmate is identified as Siraj Johar (33), s/o Yusuf Ali, from the village of Thawan Chaung locally known as Bossara in Maungdaw Township. He was imprisoned in the Buthidaung Prison in 2013 and shifted to the Prison in Kyaukphyu Township after the violence began in Maungdaw Township in October last year.

“The Border Guard Police (BGP) arrested three villagers (including the deceased inmate) at our village in 2013 under the accusation of illegally travelling to Bangladesh. And the Maungdaw Court subsequently sentenced them to 5 and half years in prison under the same charge and sent them to Buthidaung Prison.

“After the military offensives began in Maungdaw in October 2016, the inmate was transferred to Kyaukphyu prison, where he died from unidentified diseases”, said a villager in Thawan Chaung (Bossara), while speaking to Rohingya Vision TV on the condition of anonymity.

When asked if the jail authorities informed the family of the inmate about his death, the villager added “no, the authorities didn’t inform his family about his death. They came to know through other people that he died in the prison and the police handed over his body to the local Muslims in Kyaukphyu for a proper burial.”

The family of the inmate has lost contact with him since he was shifted to Kyaukphyu prison in late 2016.

The Myanmar authorities often subject the Rohingya people in Arakan State (now known as Rakhine state) to extrajudicial killings, arbitrary imprisonments without (proper) trials and deaths by tortures in jails.

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