Rohingya IDP Camps burning in Alive

Arakan Watch Desk

Rathedaung, August 28, 2017: Rathedaung Township based Internally Displaced Person (IDP) camps and villages were set fire by the Myanmar military and BGP at around 8: 00 am, said a victim from the village

Eyewitness also said that, Myanmar military launched motor gun and set fire to all the houses of Chin Khali and Kutan Kauk villages under Rathedaung which are still burning. Villagers also feared to have been killed in the fire of launcher attack. There are about 1,000 homes in the village KutanKauk, while Chin Khali has around 600 housholds.

Villagers have sought refuge into remote areas under heavy rain and thus they not free from risky lives in every moment, while Thawain Chaung and Kwa Chaung of Maungdaw south are also burning now. Multiple people believed to have been killed in the launcher firing in the villages.

It is also learnt through reliable Rakhine source that Yongbin Gyi village in Rathedaung Township will be set fire to on 29 August and the decision is taken in the meeting held between government authority and Rakhine people.

Though hundreds of civilians have been killed in military gun fires and several villages burnt down which is well known to international community, no action against the Myanmar government and international intervention in the ongoing atrocities of forces is seen yet.

Now the people are suffering a lot without shelter and food in the forest and living in the rain and sun as they have no place to go. ##


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