Rohingya are being compelled to be the preys of traffickers

The arrested Rohingya men, woman and children after being trafficked by the human traffickers in Yangoon.

 By Abul Kalam|Arakan Watch

Rohingya who is a minority Muslim community of Arakan state in Burma. They had long been oppressed and repressed by the ruling racist regime since 1937 -the year of granting ‘Home Rule’ by the British. They have been subjected to worst kind of atrocities and extra judicial killings to leave their ancestral homeland to the last man. As result of inhuman persecution, they have often been compelled to flee their hearths and homes and to take refuge to neighbouring countries to escape theirselves from such heinous act of atrocities.

On last 25th July 2017, 15 Rohingya innocents along with little children and woman from Kyat Taw, Ming Bya and Pauk Taw , in eastern Rakhine state were compelled to be the huntings/preys of human traffickers which was caused to happen by the military and the BGP of Myanmar because the Myanmar forces always malpractise those villagers in a view towards driving the Rohingya minority from the country.  So the nature of brutality and the maladministration in those villages is quite unbearable and boundless which directly amount to crimes against humanity. The Muslim minority face the regular basis molestation, extortion, rape, arson and missing etc more than those Moung Daw, Akyab and Buthi Dong because the population(figures of Muslim) in Kyat taw, Mong Mya and  Pauk Taw are too   smaller comparing to Buddhists.  Those villages are situated or centered among hundreds of buddist villages. So the Myanmar forces and the local buddist civilians are free-rein to practise the persecution and intentional maladministration on those minority Rohingya figures. The accesses  of medias are fettered and beyond keen.

So facing the multiple forms of persecutions and intentional abuses, the above mentioned figures(15 Rohingya innocents) were compelled to leave their villages because beside persecution and the maladministration, the military and the BGP encourage the victims to leave  the country in critical view towards driving the Rohingya out of the country.  And the victims duly compelled to be so.  Then the military and the BGP forces contact with the human trafficking  networks through exploiting the big amounts of money and run the trafficking procedures which was done for the above mentioned victims.

Through this atrocious plans of military and the BGP,  the victims finally compelled to leave the country on 25th July 2017. But it’s a matter of great sorrow that  the  military forces contracted with the seaway traffickers to take the victims to Yangoon instead of taking to Malaysia. And the traffickers duly did so in the name of taking Malaysia. And reaching to Yangoon, the police arrested all the victims together and confined there.

The reality behind the human trafficking is that in most of the Rohingya tracking cases the Myanmar military and the BGP are directly involved where they can avail the scope of exploiting big amounts of money and drive out the Rohingya from the country as well. It’s everly true and crystal clear that military and BGP are trying their level best to make Myanmar “the zero Muslim figured” country. Bearing in sense that Military and the BGP are playing different forms of brutal roles against Muslim in Rakhine state to root out the Rohingya minority.

Last week , an army general, two provincial politicians and police officers were among the 62 people out of a total of 103 defendants found guilty in Bangkok, Thailand, on July 19, 2017 by a judge in Thailand’s biggest Human Trafficking Tribunal.

Considering the true nature of law, not only Thai officials are to be blamed but also Myanmar brutal military and BGP personels should be faced the punitive measures and prosecution from trafficking articles  for such intentional trafficking roles against the most persecuted and marginalised Rohingya Muslim in the world.  So the global attention is expected in this unignorable context.

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