Press Release of the Arakan Rohingya National Organization: Stop Rohingya Genocide in Arakan

UK, September 5, 2017: The Arakan Rohingya National Organization (ARNO) has called to stop Rohingya Genocide in Arakan by release a press statement. The full text of the press release is as follow:

Since 11 August, with the massive deployment of army in northern Arakan/Rakhine State, the Myanmar authorities have resumed unprecedented campaign of genocide against Rohingya population. From 25 August the human rights situation of Rohingya became worse after an armed group calling itself Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) made desperate attacks on multiple police outposts and an army camp in response to criminal atrocities and other inhuman acts against the civilians held in confinement in some villages of Rathedaung township in order to starve them to death.

Rohingya villages were torched and destroyed; mass killings of civilians took place all over northern Arakan. The brute forces are carrying out methodical assaults on Rohingya villages using machineguns, rocket launchers and helicopter gunships. Members of the Hindu community were also targeted.

Security forces cordoned off the villages, as the fire raining down, and then shot and stabbed civilians. The helpless people were subject to indiscriminate attacks everywhere — in houses, villages, escape routes, hiding places, mountain passes dales and river. An estimated 5,000 people, including children, women and old men, were killed and over 50 villages were wholly destroyed. Death toll is rising every day. Independent verification of the figure is almost impossible as no independent international media, humanitarian NGOs and human rights actors are given access to northern Arakan. There were instances that dead bodies were gathered, poured petrol over the bodies and burned down into ashes.

At least 2,000 new arrivals have taken shelters in the bordering places of Cox’s Bazar and Bandarban districts of Bangladesh carrying horrific accounts of massacre and ‘atrocity crimes’ at the hands of the Myanmar barbarous soldiers and state sponsored Buddhist extremists. Majority refugees are children (who include orphans), women, and old men. They are largely traumatized and facing a great humanitarian disaster.

Many terrified and escaping villagers were trapped while trekking towards Myanmar-Bangladesh border. About 100,000 people are now stuck up inside Arakan throughout the border. They are in great danger. On the other hand, the Buddhist extremists belonging to 969 Nazi-like terror group and Rakhine terrorists of the Arakan Liberation Party/ALP (a ceasefire group) are attacking those hiding and fleeing people. Everywhere the Rohingyas are unsafe.

Acts of mass atrocity and genocide against the defenceless Rohingya civilians can never be a purely internal matter of Myanmar. The UN and international community have jurisdiction over it and should intervene solely to save the millions of lives and human security. We, therefore, appeal to the UN, international community, powerful countries and Myanmar’s neighbours to intervene immediately in the matter to rescue and protect the helpless Rohingya people from genocide and to provide them with humanitarian assistance both in Arakan and Bangladesh on humanitarian grounds.

For more details, please contact:

Australia: Dr. Hla Myint + 61-423381904

Bangladesh: Ko Ko Linn: + 880-1726068413

Canada: Nur Hasim: +1-519-5725359

Japan: Zaw Min Htut + 81-8030835327

U.K. Ronnie: +44-7783118354

USA: Dr. Habibullah: +1-44381586

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