Non-Stop Attack Remains against ethnic Rohingya minority in Maungdaw


Arakan Watch Desk

Maungdaw, August 29, 2017: Brutal Burmese forces under the leadership of So-called Democracy icon Daw Aung San Suu Kyi remains in non-stop attacks against ethic Rohingya minority of Maundaw township of Arakan State, Burma as an active initiative towards genocide.

More than 1000 homes were burnt down into ashes in Myo Thu Gyi village, while over 300 home of Ward No 5 of Maundaw Towns arson and killed dozes of innocent Rohingya, mostly children, women and elderly person.

By early today, at least 5 other villages of Kwa Chaung, Inn Ding in southern Maundaw and Kyi Gan Pyin Myo Thu Gyi, Taung Paing Nya villages in northern Maungdaw Town were torched at a time in systematic way.

Beside, at least 100 Myanmar military intruded into the ‘Ye Mya Taung’ village in Northern Maungdaw and fired several gun shots indiscriminately at the Rohingya villagers claiming multiple deaths of Rohingya today.

In the mean time, numbers of Rohingya dead tools are vigorously increasing in several parts of Maungdaw North and South and in Rathedaung, while no opportunity remain for Rohingya to live alive in country sight except choosing their leaving towards Bangladesh where the authorities simultaneously denying the entry of the victims.

‘Koe Tan Kauk’ in Rathedaung and ‘Tha Wan Chaung’ villages in Maungdaw South have been torched completely by Myanmar military and Rakhine extremists on 28 August and Rohingya have taken shelter in the forest nearby seeing no way.

Guta Pyin (Gudampara) Rohingya village in Buthidaung south has been torched by Myanmar Border Guard Police in collaboration of Rakhine extremists today, 28 August.

‘Alay Than Kyaw’ in Southern Maungdaw came under arson attack of Myanmar army forcing Rohingya residents flee from the village on 28 August, source added. ##


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