Myanmar oppose Chinese negotiation offer with Bangladesh on Rohingya crisis

By Ibn Siddique, Staff Reporter, AW

29 April 2017

Myanmar government has directly rejected China’s precious offer to mediate between Myanmar and Bangladesh on solving the long standing Rohingya problem. The offer has been proposed to both the concerned countries by China’s special envoy to Asian affiars Mr. Sun Guoxiang in his recent visit to Bangladesh.

Myanmer government has directly rejected Chinese scheme in a mediated affair on Rohingya issue between Myanmer and Bangladesh. Myanmer government does not negotiate with Bangladesh under supervision of any third country on Rohingya problem and trouble rather it ‘collaborate’ Bangladesh on Rohingya issue uttered by Myanmer president’s office spokesperson U Zaw Htay yesterday.

U Zaw Htay has told reporters about that decision, during a press conference on the National League for Democracy government’s first-year performance on Friday.  NLD administration has demanded that they understood China’s concerns on that  offer. But said that the government would chose a person to take a more standard path in obtaining assistance in dealing with conflict in the region.

China offered Myanmer to tackle diplomatic tensions between Bangladesh and it over the Rohingya refugees. Chinese Special Envoy quoted as saying during his four-day trip to Bangladesh this week that they “were ready to help if necessary.” But Myanmer government shunned this offer directly. China had also been offering its assistance in conflicts in northeastern Burma, where fighting has been ongoing between government troops and ethnic armed groups.

Meanwhile Bangladesh officials have also told local media off the record that it is impossible to solve  Rohingya crisis through bilateral talks with Myanmar as the latter maintains a hostile attitude towards their Muslim neighbour.

Rohingya activists on the other hand have demanded for Rohingya representatives to be present at any talks. ‘The members of the international community, especially Malaysia or Europe should be present at any negotiations’, they underscored.

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