Military Increased Inhuman Tortures in Buthidaung

Arakan Watch:

Buthidaung, March 28, 2018: New waves of tortures and inhuman treatments are being increased against remaining Rohingya population in Buthidaung, said a Rohingya survivor in condition of anonymity.

Currently, around 20-40 Rohingya families are staying in Hoiyyasiri village of Sindong village track who are under red alert of military persecutions, he further said.

“We are being harassed, accused and taken as force labor on daily basis and now we are unable to do our daily livelihood activities and are starving”, explains an elderly from the area.

Most of the villagers from Sindong village track were forcibly driven out with the manner of inhumane crimes against humanity, while remaining are being harassed and tortured through various means.


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