Meet one of Myanmar’s key Genocidal Leaders Ex-General Khin Nyunt

By Dr. Maung Zarni

Maung Zarni's photo.Ex-General Khin Nyunt was involved in the Rohingya genocide from Feb 1978 until his downfall in Oct 2004.

Between Feb and June, as Regiment commander of Infantry Regiment – 20, based in Maung Daw, Khin Nyunt was involved in running the King Dragon Operation under Western Division Commander Brigaderi Min Gaung.

By Khin Nyunt’s official count, the Operation resulanted in the terror flight of a total of 277, 938 Rohingya – who he called Bengali.

At the time Khin Nyunt was a young major, in his 40’s.

He switched to Military Intelligence and rose to Colonel from about 1986 on-ward until his purge in Oct 2004.

As head of military intelligence, Khin Nyunt founded in 1992 the Border Affairs Guard force, which the Rohingya viewed as Gestapo. The Na Sa Ka was disbanded in 2013, on the eve of Britain giving Thein Sein regime GBP 50 millions, as a Public Relations move for Britain. But other security units continue to play its role: as an instrument of terror.

In this book “The Problem of Western Gate”, Khin Nyunt exaggerated that on average each Rohingya family is made up of about 40 – 1 man, 4 wives and a few dozen children. This is the narrative Thein Sein regime used.

However, in thMaung Zarni's photo.e Apr 2013-released Thein Sein’s Rakhine Inquiry Commission report, Rohingya family size was stated as about 8 or 9, including parents and children (well, I am Buddhist and Burmese, and we had 8 children and 2 parents in our household).


After having failed his Rangoon University Intermediate-A year, Khin Nyunt joined the Officers Training School (In-take 29 or 30) in 1963, either the same badge or one one year before, the late Captain Ohn Kyaw Myint – who led the abortive coup to assassinate Ne Win and top 4.

Despite hMaung Zarni's reputation as a potential reformer, Khin Nyunt was loyal to the Military Dictatorship till the last day of his service – 18 Oct – when he was arrested and put under house arrest.

It turned out Khin Nyunt was one of the main genocidal l
eaders of the Rohingya genocide, and he is also known to keep ties with the country’s Fascist 969 and Ma Ba Tha organizations led by men in Saffron monk’s robes. (These monks like Sitagu, Wirathu, are not MONKS. They are Fascists). Khin Nyun
t patronizes them.

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