Is This NOT Genocide, Is This NOT Terrorism Against Humanity?


Part 1

By- Mohammad Rafique Habib*

The Whole universe have no Eyes to look in to the depth…the everlasting era is also remained with poss mode!

The olive colored attire among the gaps of green leafy hills and valleys,

Innumerable Rohingya Children,teens youth,girls and aged-old guys fleing from their ancestral motherland Arakan to seek a drop of humanity and peace with a still eyes and gathered in to Kutupalong, Nayapara and Balukhli Rohingya Refugee Camp.

In the open sky, the holes striped of bullet on the back of thirteen years old young, a child of seven years, an innocent infant of two months, A strong struck of sharpen sword in the arm. KalaBoda- a seriously injured Rohingya young guy(forehead is devided by Military’s brutal Gun) due to wanted to hide his younger sister -Dolu from Brutal Military’s Raping..

Kalabanu- (A Rohingya Woman of forty) booted by Burmese Military on her forehead mercilessly hence she opposed to not to rape her 14 years daughter in spite of losing her chastity to those heinous Military.

Tasmina: “After burning our house and slaughtering my father, they were trying to take me away. My mother yanked at me. Soon afterwards, they slaughtered my mother, too. Then, they took me into an empty house. About ten to fifteen of them abused me.”

Numerous Gang-raped victims such Nur Ayesha, Nur Banu, Senu Ara,Fatema, Amina,Tahera,Lalu, Dholabibi,who lost their beloved partners, husbands,sons,daughters even parents;statue-standing and speechless..

Habi,Arif, Mokgulliya, Shor Molluk, – (Rohingya young guys) who are still alive faced numerous thundering deaths.. the agony of their torture is unspokable even the audience may loss the sense…

Doulu: “They beat my husband so hard that he couldn’t move. We all carried him, but we had to leave him on the other side. I couldn’t locate my little one. I found the other three children.”

Ah! Ouch! Is this the curse of Rohingyas’ birth in their ancestral motherland Arakan, Mayanmar?

Is this the curse of being Rohingy -the indegenious ethnicity of Arakan?

Is This Not Genocide,Is This Not Terrorism against Humanity?

Am I Human being ?Are you Human Beings!

If yes, Why this unbounded barbarism against the humanity?

Wearing the black (Burka)vailed,Baju (Shirt), Lungi, Didn’t they (by these ethnic minority people) cared this Green Leafy lands since thousand Years?

Didn’t they inhabited this lands along with their forefathers across Bolibajar,Bhuthidaung,MaungDau,Patthorey Killah, Mrouhong, Tombru, Chiyokto, Mambra, Akiyab?

Between the tender Green leaves of the Sunny Hill view,

The thin Grassy grazing fields of the cattle; the hoped Rainbow cherished in inner-sight and raising ray of freedom in the sky..

The multicolored Ribbons of silky hair of the village teen-girls..

Don’t they poured their deep concentration of their deep black eyes in to the chest of numerous stars?

Didn’t they love their beloved soil where they buried their kith and kin,fathers, forefathers even their nearest and dearest one?

So, Why these kind of atrocities, oppression, persecution, brutal attack against them?

The destructed houses of Muslim Rohingya in the name of so-called clearance operation

The Rohingya

Are they not your brothers,Are they not human beings? Don’t they have sensibility? Are they not made of flesh and blood like you nor Alien?

Oh! Ouch! This is the curse of Human birth!

This is the curse of humanity: The Rohingya Indigenous Ethnicity of Arakan!

Is This Not Genocide, Is This not Terrorism against Humanity

The Rohingya Aylan- a 16 month old Rohingya boy face down in the mud, lies still after washing up on river flee Arakan, only to drown during the journey along with his mother, uncle and three-year-old brother–File photo

Fallen down facing on the clay-ground of the Naf; the death body of infant Mohammad Towaha Aylan (16 months) Alas! Jealousy, Alas! Ferociousness, Alas! Barbarism of Burmese Military.

Hundreds of Rohingya were fleeing to Bangladesh crossing the Naf by a tiny engineless boat on that night of 26th December 2016.

Where will they go? Who will support them shelter? Who will show them a drop humanity!

No sooner the sailing boat, the Brutal Military fired on targeting the boat people where the women with their children, the olds and teens. Terribly hit and wounded with the cruel bullets..

The boat was about to drown..

The innocents were jumped over the bitter cold winter water of the Naf.

All the human shapes were about to die on that night on the clay mud of the Naf.

The whole global community looked at the death body of Towah Aylan on the next dawn.

Oh!Ouch! Nobody there to rescue or sympathising them except the faunal water and clay of the Naf..

The growing fishes in the Naf were swallowing the drowned the death bodies who tried to escape from burning houses and children, mass killings of innocents, forced labour of the youth, looting wealth, confiscating the lands, one after another gang raped by heinous Burmese Military and an unbounded Burbarism of the monk Terrorist Wi Ra Thu.

Rohingya families flee their homes and hearths for place of unknown destination-File Photo

The water of Naf, and the air were polluted terribly with the rotten deaths.

Pressing nasals couldn’t ensure the prevention the bad smell of the death bodies even,

The innocent Rohingya Aylan inhabited on that cruel night in to the Heaven.

Alas! What a curse of human birth in this world!

The Globe has no eyes, the time has been paused. Crying the river water, grass of the path,inhabited houses, humming all the environs which are taken cared very deeply by the owner Rohingys.

The sunny noon, the cattle were grazing in the field, the bombs were raining on the head,The cruel bullets pierced on the innocent Rohingyas, the Buddhists extremists slaughtered the age old Rohingys whether they are men or women; thrown the children into the fire, even did not leave the animals that turned into ashes!

Hundreds of the Rohingya teen girls & women were faced to boundless harassment and gang raped one by one by the Myanmar Racist and fascist Military. Suddenly the devoted Soul Of the flesh & bloods risen to the God or heaven, Mass killing and the ethnic cleansing from Northern Arakan which were very terrible and horrible !!!

Chaotic activities, persecutions, atrocities and Mass killings are such as the spontaneous gambling, which have no mercy for living beings; but full of instigations, brutality & barbarisms.

Modern barbarisms are not paying heed to any one.

It is called a just one sight- one eyed Maghs. Really it is the country of Extremists one eyed Maghs merely where is no communal harmony to other races, tribes, religions that is equal to the different planet.

Where there is the Rohingya born , there they are terribly victimized, heinously attacked, dangerously discriminated by the Ma Ba Tha group and Buddhist Extremists targeting to flee them out from their ancestral motherland Arakan.

Why these abandoned discriminations, looting, killings, burnings, atrocities harassments against them?

All the flock of birds flown in to the sky, the flock of Crow was making hue and cry along the damaged village..

Cruel Burmese soldiers-The chieftein of all the atrocities on innocent Rohingya-File Photo

The heinous Burmese Military were arresting the Rohingya civilians, innocent girls, bridegrooms, daughters by accusing the false allegations of so called Terrorism against the Rohingya though the Wi- Ra- Thu is the greatest MonkTerrorist verified by the Magazine “Time”.

The followers of Monk Terrorists were defying the dignity of others, but the whole world is calmly looking the Drama of Buddhist Monk Terrorists.

Some of the Humanitarian hawkers are conveying the Red carpet congratulations to the Military Generals though it was a story of Irony.

Will the world community think it with a deep conscience of Humanity and proper judgments the Rohingya Issue?

Could not it bring out from the barrier of racism, religion, fascism for the sake of humanity?

How long will it groan the humanity remained in silence in the soil of Arakan and on the fate of Rohingya ethnicity?

Alas! What a curse of human born in this worldly life!


(to be continued)

*The writer is a young poet, educationist, reciter, lyricist who can be reached at

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