Head of the UNHCR Mr.Fillippo Grandi visits Rohingya Refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar

Head of the UNHCR Mr.Fillippo Grandi during his meeting with camp leaders, youths and general refugees in Kutupalong Refugee Camp in Cox's Baxar

Kutupalong Correspondent|Arakan Watch|

Monday, July10, 2017

The UN High Commissioner for global Refugees along with his entourage have visited the Kutupalong both official and unofficial makeshift camps situated in Cox’s bazaar on 10th July 2017 where he met with camp leaders, Rohingya youths and general refugees and exchanged different views with them.

The head of the global refugee secretariat, high ranking officials from Bangladesh government and representatives from different NGOs  reached the camp at around 12:15pm with a high strict security measures.  The awaited Rohingya refugee received the delegation team in a well organised and befited manner. The delegation team was highly regarded by the Rohingya through warm welcoming.

During his visit, he UN high commissioner for global refugee chaired a meeting with camp leaders from both Kutupalong and Nayapara camp, youths and some general refugees (altogether ) for half an hour in the Kutupalong  Community centre. Camp leaders, youths and the general refugees shared about their deserving rights & exchanged thier deprivations in Arakan, Burma.The refugees especially urged the UN high commissioner for their defined and deserving rights like Durable solution, Formal access for higher education , Proper medication,  standard sheltering, vocational training for refugee youth,  freedom of movement etc.

The head of the global refugee secretariat exchanged his views about his recent visit to Myanmar and overall discussion with Myanmar foreign minister Aung San Suu Kyi about the Rohingya minority in northern Arakan state. The High commissioner also mentioned about the outcome of discussion between Suu khyi and the high commissioner. Qouting the Suu Kyi’s statement as Myanmar government needs some more times to cope and bring the resolution to the Rohingya Situation in Myanmar. “Myanmar govt. is about to play a consensual and progressive role of closing the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar. Time will  play a deciding role” , Ms Suu kyi informed to the High commissioner during their bilateral meeting.

The UN high commissioner specially stressed and urged to  Myanmar government for respecting the global human rights and its materialization- specially towards the ethnic Rohingya minority’s  context  in Myanmar.The high commissioner for global refugee also shared about his visit to different villages in Akyab and Maung Daw and its harrowing testimonial experiences and account of the pessimistic Rohingya.

Mr.Grandi also mentioned about his discussion with the Prime Minister of Bangladesh regarding the both registered and unregistered Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.  He urged the Prime Minister of Bangladesh to play an effective role on ensuring the proper human rights for Rohingya in Bangladesh.  The UN high commissioner also urged the Prime Minister to have a positive view on resettlement procedure. Finishing the half an hour meeting, the delegation team went to the nearby squalid makeshift settlement and met with some new influx(who faced recent violence in Myanmar) and talked with them about both Bangladesh and Myanmar ordeals/ accounts of the most persecuted and marginalised Rohingya victims.

The persecuted new arrivals duly said every details in tears.  High commissioner also asked if they were getting any supports here in this exigent circumstances like food, medication, shelter and education etc. And the refugee asserted the reality to the head of global refugee. Then the delegation continued the visit around and captured(camera) the new arrivals’ play cards and banners showing points of demands.  Then they left the camp at around 01: 30pm.

Head of the UNHCR Mr.Fillippo Grandi during his visit to makeshifts in refugee camps

However both the registered and unregistered refugees were very much hopeful and optimistic for a fruitful outcome and solution from this physical visit of UN high commissioner for global refugees. After a day,  Mr.Grandy is scheduled to address the Press Conference in Dhaka regarding the Rohingya Issue.

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