Burmese armed forces raided villages in Maungdaw

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Staff Reporter|Arakan Watch

July 12, 2017

The joint Forces from Burmese army and Border Guard Policd (BGP) from Bolibazar and lik Yah & xepin Chung respectively have surrounded and raided the Chil  khali,Nowa para ,Mazor para and Pali praug village tract in Maungdaw on July 12, 2017.They harrased the villagers irrespective of age and gender and looted whatever they found in the houses there.

The forces jointly started raiding into houses one by one this morning at around 6 am and looted daily necessaries and valuable accessories of the villagers. Women and children were physically tortured and pushed  out and gathered outside the house in the yard. The over-aged,  youths and pregnant women were also tortured physically. Finally the forces warned the villagers not to sheltered the people of sweam pok. If  any body is found to have sheltering,  s/he must be sentenced for 20 yrs confinement as well as 500000 Kyats fine. The forces also prohibited to shelter the Al-Yakeen members in the village and also ordered for  apprehended to appear at the forces’ camp. The forces continued raiding up to 12:00pm. After forcefully ravaging the household aids, they left the village at around 2 p.m.

The forces are being rackless against ethnic Rohingya minority in Arakan state day by day .The daily phenomenon of looting the daily necessaries of the Rohingyas, arbitrary arrest , Mass killing, kidnapping , gang rape of Rohingya women turned the whole Arakan into a ‘Hole of Hell’. The world remained in dark about these happenings because there is no free access of Mass media to Arakan state where Rohingya Muslims are passing their lives in utter misery under Burmese occupied forces.

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