Buddhist Nationalist Mob Closes Two Islamic Schools in Rangoon

Rangoon Correspondent, AW

28 April 2017

Buddhist nationalist group has sealed two Islamic schools (madrasas) un-noticed near downtown Rangoon on Friday evening,  that these institutions were operating as place of worship instead of schools, without official permission.

The two schools that were placed at Anawmar 11 and 12 streets in Thaketa Township were sealed off by a Mob group consisting of about 50-60 Buddhist nationalist at around 2 pm , Friday evening.  Residents in the area said the religious buildings were shut down without any official decree. They claimed that the shut down was done in the presence of police and city officials on-site .

An Eyewitness said to the reporters that the police did not allow representatives of the media within the vicinity of the buildings as they were being sealed off, saying that they intended to prevent further conflict. A videographer belongings to Associated Press—Ko Min Kyi Thein—was reportedly attacked by the nationalists during reporting at the place incidence.

Dr. Wai Phyo Aung, the National League for Democracy lawmaker who represents the township, denied to comment on the situation before an official anouncement came out.

Police making barricade around the madrasa

Streets leading to the madrasas were blocked with barricades manned by security forces—more than 100 police were deployed to the scene.


There are one large mosque and three madrasas, including the two sealed off on Friday. Muslims in the neighborhood said they were worried that the remaining would be sealed off any time.

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