Breaking News:Burmese Army raiding villages in northern  Maungdaw since morning

Burmese security forces raiding the Deoltali village tract in northern Maungdaw

Maungdaw correspondent|Arakan Watch

May 19, 2017

Burmese army  has been raiding Phatega, Dewan Ali (Dewltoli) village tract of Sector No.4 in Northern  Maungdaw  since dawn at 4 am Friday, May 19, 2017.They are harrasing  Rohingya villagers mercilessly making thunders throughout the village.

At least 300 Burmese security forces combined with Tatmadaw & Hlunting and BGP entered and raided the village thoroughly , torturing the villagers irrespective age and sex. “More than two hundreds of villagers have been dragged out from their houses including Women and children”, an eye witness said.

Some are piled  inside the schools, others on the road under strict vigilance by army.The young  people who were able to flee ; fled to the Hilly areas. But the helpless women, children, old and sick people were being arrested by the joint force.

Two groups of Rohingya youths  have been sent to Bow libazar Military Barack.. The young girls have been separated in solitary places with different jeeps and vehicles. Children and male have been aparted  from the females.

An un-explained horror exists through out the village. The villagers are feared of another untoward incident.

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