Breaking News: Burmese army raiding villages in Northern Maungdaw  

Staff Reporter|Arakan Watch

 May 15, 2017

 Burmese army has raided villages northern Maungdaw Monday morning on May 15, 2017. During the raid the security forces harassed the villagers and snatching the belongings of the passersby in the area.


A gang of Military equipped with modern arms coming from the way of Bawli Bazar raided the village of hatgoijja para beside  the (Sabbaygoon) Kajibil Muslim Graveyard at dawn (7am) . They stationed at roadside there and harassing local people whoever they find on road. Whenever they see the local people on the walking path, or going to market , military is stopping the passersby and the local vehicles. 


The army battalions are beating the locals without any query. According to an eyewitness, a number of 4 battalions of  military  stationed on the hill and the remaining two are on the roadside on patrolling. Sometimes they are searching the passer’s bodies and forcing them sitting on the road ,sometimes beating them mercilessly and snatching whatever they find in the hands of victims. They are looking into the Jeeps or vehicles as well as the Rohingya passengers therein one by one. In this situation the people couldn’t move anywhere. The people in the area are in quite tensed and fearing.

(Details coming soon)


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