Bangladesh will besiege its border with Myanmar laying barbed wire fencing.

By Ibn Siddique, Staff reporter, AW

Bangladesh has taken an initiative to construct barbed wire fencing in the Bangladesh part of Burma border to prevent drug trafficking and Rohingya infiltration. At the same time, to strengthen the patrol, construct a paved road along the watercourse.

Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) has sent a proposal to the Interior Ministry of that country. After proper scrutiny, the proposal will be sent to the meeting of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) for approval.

The concerned people say that if the construction of barbed wire fences and the constant patrol of the BGB and Coast Guard members are ensured, the drug trafficking and Rohingya penetration can be reduced to zero quota. So the proposal has been referred to the overall importance.

It is known that Bangladesh’s border with Burma is 290 kilometers. In it, 117 kilometer will be barbed wire fencing. And apart from this, paved roads will be constructed on the side of the 54 kilometer watercourse. During the era of Burma’s former military government, 226 kilometer barbed wire fencing was constructed in the country’s four-stage border. After the formation of the Aung San Suu Kyi-led NLD government, steps have been taken to start the construction of barbed wire for the remaining 64 kilometers. Construction has already started.

The Burmese government has been accused by more than one time that the members of their separatist organization the “Arakan Army” have been infiltrating into Bangladesh by unprotected border. Bangladesh government has strongly protested about their allegations. Apart from this complaint, there is more than one meeting between the two border guards. In the last meeting, they were welcomed when BGB informed about the construction of barbed fences in Bangladesh.

According to the sources, it is known that from the Teknaf to Ukhia there are 54 kilometers of land boundary road . BGB cannot afford regular patrol because there is no road in the other part.

A BGB responsible officer has told local news papers that four more sectors and six battalion headquarters would be built to strengthen the border security situation across the country. Meanwhile, 85 new BOPs are being set up at the border. While another 65 BOPs are under process.

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