The widow victim Fatema Khatun leaving her hearth and home to escape from life threat imposed by BGP


Fatima– One of the many most persecuted women in Arakan state,Myanmar

Mirza Ghalib|Arakan Watch

[This is a widow who is the  burning witnesses and sufferer of the running catastrophy and brutal violence in northern Arakan state in  Burma.Her harrowing account and grave risk ordeals are shared bellow]

The victim (woman) namely Fatima Khatun, D/O. Maggul Ahmed, 55 years old is from Swaem Pauk hamlet, locally named as  Battalia para in Maungdaw has unfortunately lost her husband in the year 2001. She has a son of 21. But it’s a matter of great sorrow that on 4th July 2017 at around 10:00 am, some personels from Border Guard Police (BGP) of Burmese govt. coming from Zipin chong camp surrounded her village and raided every house of the village. Finally, they entered her house and asked about her one and only son naming Mohd Younus. Fortunately Younus wasn’t home during the raid. Not finding her son, the forces intentionally harassed and physically tortured the mother in brutal nanner. The BGP forces have taken looted away all the valuable materials ,money and livestocks and thereby strictly ordered the mother (widow) to make her son appeared at the BGP camp within two days.

Two days later, the brutal forces went  again to the village for arresting her son. When asked about her son the mother replied to the forces that her son has fled away to escape life from the hands of security forces. Hearing such a quote form mother, the forces thought that her son has linked with Al-Yakeen group and tortured the widow in a very critical manner. As a result, She was beaten to unconscious for one hour. Keeping the swooned and unconscious victim behind, the forces left the village. Then the villagers fowarded soon and watered the victim. After long an hour she recovered sense.

On 9th July 2017, the forces went to the village and duly did the similar crackdown and raid. They especially searched the old widow but she could escaped fortunately. So the forces ordered the rest of the villagers to apprehend the woman and handover to the forces. Later the villagers  told her every details of upcoming plight and catastrophy to her. This life treatening catastrophic danger compelled the marginalized widow to leave her motherland in quest of life security.

She duly left her home with only some torn but useful clothing packed with sack on 10th July 2017 but she was totally imbalance. So she has faced various problems and peril on the way to bangladesh. It was totally a challenging journey for her. Nobody accompanied her during crossing the strict border. Anyhow she has reached Kutupalong makeshift camp around 8:00p.m that day. But reaching there , she could find no place to be sheltered during the running rainy season. Finally she sat on a space  under open sky and crying too much.

It was about midnight (12:30am). At that very miserable moment, a refugee  found her and asked about. At that time, the old Rohingya widow asked the man in tears, “Is the earth/world not belong to me? Where is my shelter?” She asked the questions several times in tears. Finally the man took her to his home and sheltered for the night. But we don’t know what is going ahead in her fate. Could she survive  further that compelled her to fled for?

This is just a single illustration of many Rohingyas irrespective of age and gender.Not only a widow Fatima has been victimised but also hundreds of Rohingya Fatima(s) have been subjected to worst kind of atrocities that have been unfortunately beyond the views of international humanity.

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