​The misery and wretchedness of sheltered Rohingya in India knows now bounds​

Hundreds of refugee families from Myanmar now live in temporary homes across the city of Jammu.- File Photo

By  Ibn Siddique, Staff reporter 

The  Rohingya muslims are in horrible and atricious situation in India.Thousands of them live in Jammu kashmir ruled by India. But they have mainly built settlement in Jummu region. Some of them are working masonry and others in apple or orange garden. Concerns and anxiety have always been their companion, but now they are joind with added death-fear.

As earning member of families living in refugee camps in Bhagwati nagar and in Jammu kashmir men  are not able to go to their work field for livlihood while  their women also are afraid to go the shops for daily needs.

 Some hindu political leaders in Jammu region and some business organizations complain that ‘Rohingyas are occuping Jammu region for commiting crimes and making region unrest.’

In this case, there is a campaign against Rohingya muslim that is being said that Rohingya muslim take advantages, privileges that are actually for the Jammu, kashmir citizens. A few days ago, some people gatherd in front of Rohingya refugee camps to hold procession with  trishuls and swords and threatened the Rohingya to leave Jammu region. There has been an anti- Rohingya movement since november last year. Since then, there have been four fire incidents in refugee camps. Five Rohingya refugees have died in the fire, and many houses have been set ablaze. The latest fire happened last Friday. In that camp, there are nineteen Rohingya families languishing a life of extensive  misery. Mr. Nurul islam is from those families has said in a statement, “On Thursday, several unknown strangers were seen roaming around the camp. But I did not give importance too much. Who knows who they are! But now we have started to fear really”. He also asserts that this is not the first of such incident! Where are we going? A few miles away ther is another refugee camp named Norwal camp, in which 71 Rohingya families live.

Rohingya refugee camp in Jammu- File photo

Mohammad Yassin resides in this camp. He expressed his life misery adversity saying  as ” We work day-to-day going far away for work. But no one is working for the last few days. What will I do? If anyone kills! It seems that someone in our house has kept us captive”. Abdul Shukur, another resident of the Narwal camp, and his daughter are very afraid. They said, “Are we here to live forever? We have only taken shelter here”. We are being killed in our own country so that we escaped to save our lives. We will return back when the country’s situation became calm.

The Chief Minister of the ruling BJP-PDP government  Mehbooba Mufti says she is constantly in touch with the central government about Rohingya Muslims. Though BJP’s local leader and Speaker of the Assembly Kabinder Gupta says, “The Hindu families who came here decades ago from West Pakistan have not yet received citizenship, But Rohingya Muslims have got ration cards and official documents too here. That’s why some people have got worried.

Recently the news came out that Ramesh Gupta, President of the Jumma Chamber of Commerce, Jummu’s business organization, announced in a press conference that it was time to find out and kill the Rohingya Muslims one by one. Gupta told the BBC, “It is a media error”. But Mr. Gupta’s corrected statement was not found in the Jammu press.

[Based on the summary of the visit of BBC Hindi correspondent Riyaas Masroor to Rohingya refugee camps in Jammu township in idea to investigate the horrrible situation]

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